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The art of recommending what we truly love. In our world, truth and authenticity are the key. Join the Escandalo App community.

our journey

Mapping our journey

December 2023

Escandalo App is officially launched, providing users with a fresh approach to discovering, saving, and organizing their favorite restaurants.

February 2024

Escandalo App was selected by the Generalitat de Catalunya to participate in the 4YFN within the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2024.

May 2024

Organic growth yields results, surpassing a significant milestone of 300 users without a paid marketing.

June 2024

Many innovations are on the way. This is tangible evidence of their commitment, trust, and support, allowing us to further develop the application.

our mission, our vision

We believe in the magic of personal recommendations

On our platform, you can explore new restaurants based on your friends’ recommendations and be a trusted source for them as well.

The revolution in the restaurant review industry

We're here to give a positive twist to the way we share our culinary experiences and support the places we love.

One way to organize and go to restaurants

The way we choose restaurants has changed. Now, we're more influenced by friends' social media content and recommendations from our inner circle.

Be the restaurant reservation platfrom for the new generations

New generations skip TripAdvisor, The Fork or Google. They rely on their friends or influencers on Instagram or TikTok to pick restaurants.

our why

We'd love to say our beloved Raphael caused this scandal...

But the truth is that part of our founding team also comes from the hospitality industry, with over 10 years of experience in the sector. After much hard work, suffering, and many dishes served, we decided it was time to create a tool that truly allows people to share their experiences without undermining the efforts of the restaurant.

meet the team

Powered by our people

Joan Sanmartí
CEO & Co-Founder
Adrián Sabido
CFO & Co-Founder
Sharon Guerrero
CXO & Co-Founder
Jordi Oller

The art of recommending what we truly love