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Discover through trust

Personal circle recommendations

Explore the restaurant recommended by people you follow.

Save restaurants by status

Save your favourites restaurants and places so you don't miss a single one.

Create your own tags and lists

Make lists of your favourite restaurants, add notes and tags for friends to see.

We're here to change how we share culinary experiences and support our favorite places.

With Escandalo App explore, save, recommend and organize your favorite restaurants. Discover the restaurants recommended by your friends and why they recommend them.

Honest reviews🔥

See recommendations only from people you follow, whether they are friends, family, or acquaintances. Get authentic dining experiences from trusted sources.

Travel with taste ✈️

When traveling, rely on friends' shared recommendations. Discover diverse cuisines and find perfect dining spots, guided by trusted people.

Never miss a spot 😎

With Escandalo App, save restaurant recommendations from friends and influencers. No more lost screenshots—keep everything in one place.

how it works

Simplify your daily life with Escandalo App

Share your moments

Capture and share dining moments instantly with Escandalo's Moments feature, discovering new spots recommended by friends.

Socialize and plan

Host events at top spots and restaurants, invite friends easily with Escandalo App, never miss out on discovering new places together!

Discover new places

Discover fresh dining spots shared by friends with Escandalo App. Say goodbye to screenshots and hello to culinary adventures.

Inspire with your lists

With Escandalo App, create and share lists of your favorite spots, inspiring your community. Tag for quick access and organization

keep it social

Outing planning made easy!

Plan your next outing with friends! Escandalo App enables you to create events at your favorite venues and invite friends to join. You can even create polls to vote on where to go!

And the best part? Invite that special someone to a private event using *Escandalo Mode*, and ask them out to their favorite restaurant.

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Combining hospitality expertise with digital excellence: our founding team

Escandalo App was created to help food lovers discover the best dining experiences around them.

Our mission is to provide personalized recommendations and honest reviews to make dining out enjoyable and stress-free. Join our community and find your next favorite restaurant with Escandalo App.

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